Top management of ELCOS consider customer retention as a key indicator of customer satisfaction and within that scope a measurable quality objective has been
Furthermore top management of ELCOS consider on-time delivery performance and product conformity as prerequisites for customer retention and measurable quality
objectives have been established accordingly.


Customer retention refers to the percentage of customer relationships that, once established, ELCOS is able to maintain on a long-term basis.
Customer retention is monitored by measuring each month the number of customers at the end of that month, the number of customers one year ago and the total number
of new customers acquired during the past year.
On-time delivery performance is defined by the discrepancy between actual and planned shipping date of ELCOS.
Delivery performance is measured each month by taking the arithmetic mean of the number of calendar days between actual and planned shipping date of that same
Product conformity is defined by the extent of which products delivered by ELCOS are meeting customer’s expectations.
Product conformity is measured each month by measuring the number of complaints registered that same month.


Measuring methods of quality objectives based upon basic statistic analysis have been documented and implemented within the quality process of ELCOS.
The quality objectives are communicated to all employees of ELCOS and steps are taken continuously to ensure that they are understood by everyone.
Aggregated quality data are reviewed and revised in conjunction with quality objectives in the management review.

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