ELCOS is a family business providing worldwide distribution, stocking and supply chain services of electro technical components, aircraft parts, defense equipment and
spares as well as outsourced repair services to the aeronautical, defense, industrial and space markets.
Based upon long-term work experience within the markets and processes of ELCOS top management and management of ELCOS claim to understand customer’s
expectations, needs and requirements as well as regulatory and statutory requirements better than any other competitor.


The quality policy of ELCOS aims to make the customer return and not the product. This will be achieved by

  • continually meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations, needs and requirements in terms of product and service conformity as well as on-time delivery,
  • a commitment to communication, flexibility, partnership, proximity and service,
  • practicing the four eyes principle and the rule that in doubt there is no doubt,
  • consistently preferring quality over quantity (“non multa sed multum”),
  • providing excellent support in terms of awareness, communication, competence, documented information and resources,
  • continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system


In order to put the quality policy into effect ELCOS have established measurable quality objectives consistent with the quality policy. Quality objectives will continuously be
monitored and updated as appropriate and revised in the management review.
The quality policy will be communicated to all employees of ELCOS and steps will be taken to ensure that it is understood by everyone.
The quality policy will be reviewed and revised in the management review.

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